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  • Pro-Edge® is the new “standard” for the web.
  • These strong webbing slings ensure worry-free lifting of heavy loads. Polyester standard. Nylon available – call for pricing.
  • Extremely strong and wear-resistant, yet soft enough to handle even delicate surfaces.
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Thumbnails SKU Price Stock Description Eye Length Min. Length Priced Per Rated Cap. (lbs.)
Basket Hitch
Sling Width Action
HCIE 293P $50.31 0 3' Base 12" 3' Base length 3' 18600 6"
HCIE 294P $58.66 0 3' Base 12" 4' Base length 3' 24800 8"
HCIE 296P $90.4 0 3' Base 14" 5' Base length 3' 37200 12"
HCIE 396P $112.02 0 3' Base 24" 8' Base length 3' 37200 18"
HCIE 293P $9.06 0 1' Adder 12" 1' Adder per ft. 18600 6"
HCIE 294P $10.6 0 1' Adder 12" 1' Adder per ft. 24800 8"
HCIE 296P $15.94 0 1' Adder 14" 1' Adder per ft. 37200 12"
HCIE 396P $23.82 0 1' Adder 24" 1' Adder per ft. 37200 18"

Pro-Edge® is 50% tougher than standard webbing. The edges are made with high tenacity twisted tire-cord yarns. It is a scientific fact that twisted yarns are more resistant to cutting and abrasion than untwisted yarns. Since these twists are part of the yarn construction, the cut and resistance properties of the yarn will not go away after standard wear. Pro-Edge® maintains its strength far longer than most other webbing. Superior abrasion resistance is achieved by controlling the shrink process through a special heat-setting process. This is the same process that produces exceptional abrasion resistance in the manufacture of seat belts. Most other webbings do not use a special heat-setting process but instead dry the webbing using blowers… resulting in less uniform elongation of fibers. Simply put there is not a higher quality “standard” webbing available on the market. Polyester standard. Nylon available – contact us for pricing. All slings are measured end to end including eyes and/or hardware. FOB Shipping Point.

Wide Cargo Slings – Adds load stability and capacity, when lifting extra-wide and awkward loads. Designed as a basket hitch.

Note: for slings over 3′, order the 3′ base item and then order item again choosing the option for “Adder per Ft.” and enter the number of feet over 3′ that you want.

Minimum order of $25.00 for items on this page.

See Related Items for other available slings.

1' Adder, 3' Base

Sling Width

18", 12", 8", 6"

Eye Length

24", 14", 12"

Rated Cap. (lbs.)
Basket Hitch

37200, 24800, 18600

Min. Length

1', 8', 5', 4', 3'

Priced Per

Adder per ft., Base length 3'


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