Standing on hard surfaces for extended periods of time produces detrimental effects on the body, for example joint pain, tension, stiffness, inflammation and those nasty looking varicose veins. Oooo, varicose veins are not the type of body art anyone wants. But seriously, this is a leading indicator of poor blood circulation to the legs and feet and can often be prevented or minimized with anti-fatigue matting.

  • The ergonomically structured surface and the flexible material can improve blood flow and oxygen supply.
  • Concentration and productivity can be boosted.
  • Physical complaints leading to sick-leave or downtime can be reduced.
  • Protection from unhealthy cold radiation from the ground.
  • Provide secure and slip-proof footing, especially in wet environments.

Millions of days are lost each year to sickness absences with majority due to back, leg or foot pain. So protect your workers with anti-fatigue mats at every workstation.

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