About Gemba Industrial

The Gemba Difference

At Gemba Industrial, we’re on a different path – one where products, personality and point-of-view redefine what a clean, safe, organized, and efficient workplace can be. No one else in our industry works as tirelessly as we do to be your partner.

Gemba Industrial is the Gemba

Gemba Industrial is where value is created for customers all over North America. We provide brand name industrial equipment and supplies to business throughout North America. We carry over 10,000 industrial, material handling and business products that are sold through our website. We are constantly increasing our product offerings to meet the diverse and changing needs of our customers. Our customers include small to large corporation, institutions, government agencies, and consumers.

We work with you to stay one step ahead of trouble

You know it better than anyone; finding the right product from the right partner can be a challenge. We make it easy and convenient to shop for what you need. Day in and day out, it’s your job to make good decisions quickly. So day in and day out, it’s our job to help you do yours.

We care about you and have a funny way of showing it
We back up our industrial-strength solutions with the Gemba Promise and our No Muss, No Fuss Guarantee. Your orders are shipped quickly, always answer the phones and email in a reasonable time and refund every penny if something’s not right. It’s all part of our customer service path. And while we understand that the factory floor is no place to mess around, life is not a factory floor. So we tend to poke a lot of fun “lean manufacturing”, “Kaizen” and “Gemba Walks” – probably a little too much. But hey, every smile is a break in your day.
Is it business as usual? Definitely not. But at Gemba Industrial, making a difference mean being different. So give us a try, and we’ll show you how passionate we are about both.


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